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Our Furnace Repair Services Bring Peak Comfort to You & Yours

Aspen and Vail residents, are you grappling with a furnace that just doesn’t want to do your bidding? By the time you realize your furnace needs servicing, the days are already getting shorter–and the nights colder!

The team at American Plumbing, Heating & Air knows how urgent the need for warmth is at times like this. That’s why we work quickly to deliver accurate diagnostics, speedy furnace repairs, and tailored heating services.

If you’re a homeowner in Vail or Aspen, CO, the message is simple: We’re here to help you!

Why Choose American Plumbing, Heating & Air for Furnace Repair and Heating Solutions in Vail & Aspen, CO?

What we do for Colorado home heating systems is some of our best work.

Here in the mountains, the cold season can be harsher than some folks will ever understand. Only a team that is 100% focused on understanding furnaces and heating systems can deliver reliable warmth to Vail and Aspen homes!

That’s where American Plumbing, Heating & Air comes in. Think of us as the good doctor of furnace repairs: a team of true experts who never stop caring about the people we serve.

A Personalized Approach to Heating Services in Vail & Aspen

We take a personalized approach to furnace repairs and other heating system issues. That means addressing your specific concerns, never ignoring your preferences, and always answering your questions to the best of our abilities.

If your furnace needs repair, or if any part of your heating system isn’t working correctly, you can count on American Plumbing, Heating & Air to show up and deliver our best work on every service call.

Upfront Pricing, Easy-to-Understand Options for Furnace Repairs

Prompt, effective heating solutions aren’t possible without clear communication. We believe that starts with us, which means we’re responsible for making sure you understand every step of the process.

Whether you’re calling for indoor HVAC system maintenance, or calling in a flat-out furnace failure, our first order of business is always the same: We begin with a complete diagnostic exam of your heating system. Then, we’ll report straight to you with our findings–including an honest description of any recommended work and an accurate, upfront estimate of what it will cost.

You’re the only person who can decide what’s within your will and budget for your furnace this season. At American Plumbing, Heating & Air, your warmth is our command.

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How American Plumbing, Heating & Air Assists Homeowners with Furnace Repair, Heating Service, and Indoor Heating System Maintenance:

Emergency Heating & ER Furnace Repair:

We understand the frustration a no-heat situation can bring on winter nights in Vail and Aspen. So if your furnace is in need of repairs, no matter the time of day–or night!–we have furnace repair experts on call, ready to serve you and your family at a moment’s notice.

Your Furnace Fixed Fast & Done Right The First Time

Furnaces are complex. With so many possible points of failure, it’s normal for people to feel stressed and overwhelmed trying to figure out exactly what’s gone wrong.

Because so many things can cause a furnace system to break down, we run through a complete diagnostic process before diving into any major furnace repairs. (Don’t worry–we’re faster than you think.)

Only after pinpointing the precise cause of your furnace failure will we recommend a solution. And before we get to work on your heating system, you can expect upfront pricing with accurate estimates based on the specific service prescribed to your furnace.

Furnace Service That Will Make You Smile

We're not happy until you're happy. For that reason, each and every service call is carried out with you in mind from start to finish. We promise to bring our best, right off the bat: punctuality, maintaining a clean and orderly work zone, and treating you and your home with respect during the entirety of the process.

Clear Explanations and Guidance for Furnace Repairs:

Just because we’re efficient repairmen doesn’t mean we can’t stop to explain what’s wrong or the steps we’ll be taking to fix it! We have all the time in the world for you. So when your comfort can’t wait, our priority is making sure we’re on the same page. We really want you to understand the process laid out for your indoor heating system and feel comfortable knowing what we’re doing to heal it.

We're Here For You Even After The Furnace Service 

We’ve been around for 20 years already, and we’re not going anywhere! You can count on American Plumbing, Heating & Air to offer continued support and guidance even after the service, to address any further concerns or inquiries you may have regarding your indoor heating system.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Immediate Attention or Your Heating System Isn't Working:

Feeling the chill in your home even when all the doors are closed? That’s a tell-tale sign that your furnace needs some kind of service, maintenance or repair.

Here are some less-talked-about signs that your furnace might need attention:

No Heat From Furnace

Seems rather obvious, doesn’t it? But when a furnace isn't producing heat, a lot of people’s first response is to “wait it out”. In reality, there may already be a significant issue requiring immediate attention. Be sure to give us a call at the first sign that your furnace has stopped producing heat!

Unusual Noises or Odors

Hot, burning smells, as well as any unusual noises, are not normal for a healthy furnace. Don’t ignore these signs of malfunction–they don’t fix themselves!

Inconsistent Heating Throughout the House:

If your heating is inconsistent or uneven throughout your home, your furnace may need maintenance or repairs.

Increased Energy Bills:

A furnace that isn’t working quite right will struggle to keep up with an increasing demand for heat production. Now, that’s easy to see during the cooler months in Vail and Aspen–but what about the mild seasons?

Pay attention to your energy bills! A sudden rise in your energy bills could signal that your furnace is not operating efficiently and needs maintenance before things get worse.

Seeing the signs?

If you are experiencing any of these signs, or any sign not covered above, that the heating system may not be working correctly, contact American Plumbing, Heating & Air to have your furnace/heating system assessed and returned to working order ASAP. Get furnace repair help here.

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From emergency service to routine maintenance or installations, American Plumbing, Heating & Air is ready to take your call! Call us now to schedule an appointment

Furnace Repair and Boiler Repair, Goodman Furnace

Types of Furnace Services We Offer for Homeowners in Vail & Aspen:

Emergency Furnace Repair 

Because of the risk posed to your household when you’re left without the ability to use heat, a furnace breakdown is almost always an emergency. Short-notice and same-day emergency furnace repairs are one of our most commonly requested services. We’re more than happy to provide it for you.

Furnace and Heating System Maintenance

To reduce the instance of emergency heating repair calls, we offer comprehensive heating system maintenance to our clients. This service includes all the standard TLC your furnace deserves, plus tons of sweet extras to extend the life of your furnace by increasing the unit’s efficiency. Learn more about our furnace maintenance.

Furnace Replacement & Installation

Another common heating service we provide for our customers is total furnace replacement and installation. Learn more about furnace replacement.

Types of Furnaces We Expertly Repair for Homeowners in Vail & Aspen:

Standard Gas Furnaces

The classic gas furnace is among the most common in Vail, Aspen, and Eagle County homes. Suffice it to say we’re more than familiar with this type of furnace. If you rely on a gas furnace for heat, no matter its size or age, American Plumbing, Heating and Air can repair it.

High Efficiency Furnaces

We specialize in high-efficiency (HE) furnace repairs. Seriously–we work on modern, high-efficiency heating units around Vail and Aspen every day! You really can have your HE furnace repaired in no time when you choose a team with the specific experience we have at American Plumbing, Heating & Air.

Heat-Pump Heating Systems

Heat pumps and hybrid furnaces are gaining popularity fast–in fact, they’re now some of the most popular heating systems for Colorado homes! American’s expert team of furnace repair technicians are extensively trained to handle heat-pump furnaces, dual-fuel and hybrid heating systems with competence.

Boilers & Hydronic Heating on Speed Dial

No one in the Vail or Aspen Valley knows boilers and hydronic heating systems better than we do. If your home relies on a boiler, hydronic or in-floor heating, we’re the contractor to call when things go cold. Learn more about our boiler and hydronic heating system repairs. 

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Important Reasons to Stay on Top of Your Furnace Repairs

A furnace is an investment that’s best protected with regular care and maintenance.  When you detect the first signs of furnace failure, it’s important to schedule a furnace repair sooner rather than later.  Even seemingly small problems can significantly reduce the life of your furnace and escalate into bigger, more costly issues. Enjoy the advantages of timely furnace repair and maintenance:

Longer furnace service life

Increased comfort in your home

Reduced likelihood of gas-related dangers

Lower heating costs

Furnace Repair and Heating Solutions for Out-of-State Property Owners and Property Management Companies

At American Plumbing, Heating & Air, we understand the challenges faced by out-of-state property owners and property management companies–especially when it comes to remote maintenance for Vail & Aspen furnaces.

Our specialized furnace services are designed to cater to your exact needs with seamless efficiency. Just take a look at what we offer:

  • Remote Consultations and Assessments
  • Clear Communication and Transparent Estimates
  • Efficient On-Site Furnace Repairs
  • Post-Service Reporting and Updates
  • Long-Term Maintenance Plans for Property Managers

Schedule Your Service Today!

From emergency service to routine maintenance or installations, American Plumbing, Heating & Air is ready to take your call! Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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Trust American Plumbing, Heating & Air to provide speedy, specialized, forward-looking furnace solutions. From maintenance to repair–and even replacement!–we’re here for all of your heating needs in Vail, CO and Aspen, CO. To reach us, call 970-748-8667 or book an appointment online. We’ll be there before you can say, “I’m freezing!”

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service with a customer-centric approach. When you choose us for your HVAC needs, you can expect: