Boiler Maintenance

boiler maintenance

Professional Boiler Tune-Ups for Vail & Aspen

Investing in preventative maintenance is generally more cost-effective than dealing with an emergency service call. By staying on top of regular boiler servicing, you can enjoy a cozy and worry-free winter season.

By scheduling an annual boiler tune-up, you can ensure that your system runs smoothly and avoid any stressful and costly breakdowns.

Scheduling annual checkups prevents common issues from escalating into major problems. 


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Routine Boiler Safety Checks & Tune-Ups

Schedule a thorough inspection of all safety devices, venting, and piping, as well as a meticulous combustion analysis to optimize efficiency. We also perform a deep cleaning of the heat exchanger, removing any deposits or buildup that could compromise performance. With our expert care, you can have peace of mind knowing that your boiler is operating at its highest level of safety and efficiency. Don't wait for potential hazards or costly breakdowns, schedule your appointment today.

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Quality Boiler Maintenance Services

We understand the importance of keeping your boiler in optimal condition for your comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Our professional technicians specialize in comprehensive boiler maintenance, ensuring that your heating system performs at its best when you need it most. With our expert knowledge and attention to detail, we catch potential problems before they escalate into costly breakdowns, saving you time, money, and the hassle of unexpected emergencies. By investing in our annual maintenance services, you'll enjoy a more efficient and reliable boiler, lower energy bills, and the reassurance of a safe and properly functioning heating system

Common Boiler Issues

Faulty Thermostat

Improper functioning can cause your boiler to turn on or shut down at the wrong times, leading to damage over time. It can also create uncomfortable temperature extremes in your home. During a regular maintenance checkup, a professional technician will ensure your thermostat is in optimal condition, so you can enjoy consistent and comfortable heating.

Pilot Lights and Electronic Igniters

Whether your boiler runs on gas or oil, its ignition system relies on a pilot light or electronic igniter. If they encounter issues, your boiler won't work efficiently or may not work at all. Fortunately, fixing these components is typically a simple task that involves cleaning away carbon debris and dirt from the openings. In rare cases, if the problem persists or ignition problems persist, it might be worth considering a boiler replacement.

Lime Scale and Mineral Deposits

Boilers contain water and water vapor, leading to the accumulation of minerals and limescale in various parts of the system, including the heat exchanger. Neglecting to remove these deposits regularly can obstruct the flow of water and hinder proper boiler performance. Excessive limescale buildup can even result in a dangerous condition called "kettling," where pressure builds up to alarming levels. A professional maintenance service will take care of descaling, preventing these issues and ensuring optimal water flow.

Water Leaks

Water leaks in your boiler should never be ignored, as they often indicate a serious underlying problem. With age and constant use, connections can deteriorate, leading to cracks and loose joints that cause leaks. The pressure relief valve is also prone to leaks. However, with annual checkups, skilled technicians can identify and repair leak sources before they turn into major concerns, safeguarding your boiler and preventing potential damage.

Circulator Pump Failure

The circulator pump is a vital component responsible for distributing hot water from the boiler to your home's heating units. When it fails, you'll notice insufficient heating throughout your space. Although circulator pumps typically last as long as the boiler itself, manufacturing defects or poor maintenance can lead to failure. Look out for chronic leaks and unusual noises during boiler operation, as they may indicate circulator pump issues. 

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