Look Out for These Signs of Water Heater Problems

Readily available hot water is one of the essential comforts in our day-to-day lives. It is an amenity every homeowner should strive to uphold. By staying on top of your water heater repair work, you can ensure your Vail and Aspen area home maintains easy access to hot water that will help you with your most essential chores:

  • Preparing meals
  • Cleaning
  • Bathing
  • And more

Of course, you don’t want to wait until your water heater is in extremely rough condition before you call for a repair. Doing so could only exacerbate an existing issue and require a much costlier water heater repair. It’s important to monitor your water heater’s health to manage its repair requirements.

Being vigilant about the usual symptoms that indicate water heater problems is the key to ensuring timely repairs. An attentive homeowner should be able to easily spot these signs and contact a plumber to repair or replace your water heater:

Noises from Water Heater

Much like a person, your water heater can signal distress when not in optimal health. Distinct noises such as clanging, bubbling, or a general unpleasant racket might be your water heater’s way of asking for help. If you observe such atypical sounds, it’s time to jump into action and schedule a repair.

Rusty Water

If your tap water, which was once clear, is now tainted with rust, it’s unlikely that your water lines need replacing. Instead, it may be your water heater showing signs of wear and tear. Over time, it can start to physically deteriorate, causing rusty water, indicating potential water heater problems.

Inadequate Hot Water

Water heater problems aren’t always audible or visible; sometimes, you can feel them. If you’re finding that your water isn’t heating adequately or the hot water supply isn’t lasting long enough, it might be a sign your water heater needs attention.

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