Mitsubishi Mini-Splits

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Installation For Vail & Aspen

American Plumbing Heating & Air is a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer. Our technicians are factory trained and certified in Mitsubishi mini-split system installation. Our work is backed by an extended 12-year warranty. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your daily routine while ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process. We'll work closely with you to determine the best installation timing and schedule our experienced crews accordingly.

Experience the comfort, energy efficiency, and personalized cooling that these systems provide, creating a pleasant indoor environment for you and your family.

Purchasing a mini-split system for your cooling needs doesn't have to be overwhelming. With our comprehensive buying guide and efficient process, American Plumbing, Heating & Air ensures a seamless experience from consultation to installation. Our team of experts will guide you through equipment selection, sizing, options, and costs, providing a clear understanding of your mini-split system's benefits. Enjoy the comfort and efficiency of a mini-split system in your home—reach out to us today to start your journey towards a cooler and more comfortable living space.

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Mini-splits offer a convenient and energy-efficient solution for cooling your home, and are available in wall-mounedt, ceiling-mounted, ducted, and floor-mounted options. 

We'll help you assess your specific requirements and recommend the best option that maximizes the value of your investment. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your mini-split system while achieving optimal cooling efficiency.


Horizontal Ducted

Ceiling Cassette

Ducted Air Handler


Wall-Mounted Units: These sleek units not only cool and heat your room efficiently but also monitor room conditions to maintain your comfort levels.

Horizontal Ducted Units: Perfect for new home construction, these units offer efficient and zoned comfort solutions, with less ductwork required.

Ceiling Cassette Units: Providing powerful and efficient cooling and heating, these multi-position air handlers are an excellent choice for homes and businesses.

Ducted Air Handler Units: With wide airflow distribution and a discreet design, these ceiling units blend seamlessly with your decor while providing efficient cooling and heating to all corners of the room.

Floor-Mounted Units: Ideal for spaces where wall or ceiling installation is not possible, these units offer reliable performance while complementing your interior.

Easy Installation & Warranty

When you choose American Plumbing Heating & Air for your Mitsubishi Mini-Split installation, you can trust our factory-trained and certified technicians. Backed by an extended 12-year warranty, our team ensures professional installation and reliable performance for years to come. We work closely with you to determine the ideal location for your equipment, taking into account manufacturer guidelines and your preferences.

Our Process

At American Plumbing, Heating & Air, we follow a simple process to ensure you receive the best estimate and seamless installation experience. To begin, we'll set up a meeting at your property to discuss your project in detail. During this consultation, we'll address crucial factors such as equipment location, sizing, options, and project timing. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the manufacturer's guidelines for equipment placement, allowing you to enjoy extended warranties while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Mini-Split Benefits

Mini-split systems offer a range of additional options to enhance functionality and convenience. These include anti-microbial filters, wireless thermostats, Wi-Fi connectivity, and choosing between wall or ceiling installation. We'll discuss these options with you, providing insights into their benefits and helping you customize your mini-split system to meet your unique needs.

Ideal Spaces & Size Considerations

Mitsubishi Mini-Splits are suitable for a wide range of spaces, from small bedrooms and bathrooms to large shops and more. These systems come in various sizes, with single 1:1 units available at ¾ ton (~9,000 BTU), ensuring the perfect fit for your needs. Mitsubishi Mini-Split systems can handle up to 8 zones, depending on the condenser size and the location of indoor units. Learn more about other considerations now.

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